Y’all made my heart hurt in such a good way. – The Bloggess

Remember last week when my granny died and then raised from the dead and then died again? And we couldn’t have a funeral or gather together because covid is too dangerous so my mom said that in lieu of flowers, just care for one another? And then I suggested donating to Project Night Night because they are an amazing organization that helps displaced children and they were having a hard time meeting the needs of all those who needed help?

Well I just opened my mail and found a letter from Project Night Night. They were overwhelmed with how many of you reached out to them. Over $8,000 was donated in honor of my sweet granny and I cannot thank you enough. I don’t have the words to tell you how incredibly touched my whole family is. Hundreds of kids in need will be getting a tote bag with a book, a stuffed animal and a security blanket. My granny would be absolutely thrilled.

Thank you, you amazing and brilliant people.

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