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So. Wow. This morning was a whirlwind of emotions. I may have cried a little bit when they announced Biden’s win (our first female Vice President and our first Black and first South Asian Vice President??) and then my mom called, I assumed to give me a high-five over the phone, but she was calling because my granny is in the hospital with covid and isn’t expected to make it. I have mixed feelings because I love my granny and I hate that she is alone in the hospital and that we can’t be there and that people still aren’t taking this seriously, but I also am grateful that she’s unconscious and is not suffering. She has dementia and in the last year she’s asked for her parents over and over so we know she’s ready and it will be a blessing if it’s fast and easy. The strange and terribly complicated feelings of living through this time…I dunno. I don’t think I have the right words. The world is complicated. And so am I. And so are you.

On the Fantastic Strangelings Facebook page yesterday I said we’d start discussing Deadly Education but then all this happened and I thought I’d put it off until tomorrow but then I remembered that I’ve already told you that the very person who inspires the choices of books for this club? Is my granny. And she would be like, “Jenny-girl, get to work and do something fun!” and then she’d swat me outside so that she could get on with her own strange book. And she’s totally right.

So let’s start talking. If you don’t use Facebook you can totally leave your thoughts in the comments here. And, as always, no worries if you haven’t read the book yet. There are no rules in book club. The discussion stays open forever. And my thoughts on the book are in the comments.

PS. Did I tell you what November’s book is? Because it is FABULOUS. And I know it sounds weird but TRUST ME that it is fascinating and smart and oddly funny at times and the discussion we’re going to have will even involve the time I tried to rescue a decapitated head from my work. WHO DOESN’T WANT TO HEAR THAT? Answer: Probably a lot of people. But pretty much all of the people who listen to true-crime podcasts will want to hear it and those are my people.

It’s Dark Archives (A Librarian’s Investigation into the Science and History of Books Bound in Human Skin) by Megan Rosenbloom.

And I may have bought too many for the shop considering we are still not open to the public because of the plague, so if you are an honorary strangeling and buy your books one at a time we totally have some in stock that we can ship to you if you can’t find it at your local bookstore. Click here for a summary and to read all the praise it’s getting because I’m not doing it justice.

Happy reading!

And take care of each other out there.
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