Wanna hang out? Me too. – The Bloggess

This isn’t a real post but if I don’t write it down I’ll forget to mention it.

So first off, I’m doing a virtual hang-out for Richland Library on Friday night and you can come and it’s free and you don’t have to wear pants. YAY FOR NO PANTS. Maybe I’ll read a little bit from my next book. WHO KNOWS. I AM BAD AT PLANNING. Click here to reserve a spot.

Secondly, you know how you asked me if we could make a Nowhere Bookshop hoodie and I was like, “Maybe?” because I want one too but also that sounds like a lot of work but then this company named Bonfire started helping indie bookstores by doing campaigns to help them raise money and we’re totally doing it. Mostly so that I can buy my own hoodie with our passport stamp. (I bought the dark heather one for myself because cat fur doesn’t show up on it. I also bought it in 2X because maybe the hand pouch will be big enough to put Hunter S. Thomcat in because I think he would really love that. Victor disagrees.)

If you want one just click here. They have hoodies, adult shirts and youth shirts in four different colors. If you don’t want one that is totally okay.

Third, today is Dorothy Barker’s birthday!

To celebrate you should do something nice for yourself. Or for your dog. Or cat. Or random pigeon. There are not wrong answers.
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