Take The Pripyat Virtual Tour In Chernobyl

Now if you’re looking for something on a whole different level of weird to satisfy your boredom, then check out the Pripyat Virtual Tour.  Without the need for a Geiger counter or Hazmat suit you can now explore the dilapidated streets of Pripyat in Chernobyl, The city that was left abandoned after the nuclear fallout. Using Google maps technology, this site now allows you to visit the iconic spots that have been etched into peoples minds.  The playground, the fairground, the schools, all of these are viewable as if you were there yourself.How to use itFeel free to navigate around using the directional arrows with either a mouse or a stroke of your finger. You can also use the interactive map at the bottom left of the page to select a point of interest. Either way this website is Guaranteed to get the explorer inside of you captivated, whilst at the same time freaking you out as to what actually happened in this part of the world during the 1980’sWhat’s for sure is that this page is something that you have to look around at least once to see the scale and magnitude of a city that was once bustling, turn into a ghost town.

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